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Web Site Trusts

A Web Site Trust enables you to browse a web site that requires credentials without reentering them, thus reducing your effort. Such a trust implements single signon. Your workstation remembers the credentials with which you logged on and uses them to negotiate access to the web site on your behalf using Integrated Windows Authentication.

Navigate to a test page on this web site to test the trust after you have designated this web site ( a trusted site in your browser as described below.

In order for the trust to work, the following must be true for the web site, your Windows workstation, and your browser.

Web Site

  1. The web site must be hosted by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), version 5 or later.
  2. The web server must be in an Active Directory domain.
  3. The web site should have an SSL certificate to protect the data stream between it and your browser with encryption.
  4. The web site must allow both Basic Authentication and Integrated Windows Authentication and not allow Anonymous access.
  5. Access to pages of the web site must be granted to authenticated members of the Active Directory domain.

Windows Computer

  • Your Windows workstation must be in an Active Directory domain
  • You must be logged into your workstation using an Active Directory account such as your ANL Domain account.


You must use one of the following browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

  1. Your IE browser must be version 6 or later.
  2. You must designate the web site as a Trusted or Intranet site in your IE browser.


  1. Your Firefox browser must be version 1.5 or later.
  2. You must designate the web site as a trusted site by displaying the about:config window and revising (double click) the following two Firefox preferences:
  • network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris =
  • network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris =

The example URL ( needed for the test described above.

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