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Laboratory VPN Cypto Card How-To

If you have been assigned a crypto card for two-factor VPN access, this document describes the differences in the logon procedure using the crypto card technology.

Instructions for connecting and using the VPN are not covered in this document:

Note: The issuance of a crypto card does not replace your ANL domain password; it is supplemental to it and is used as a password substitute for the VPN.

  1. When the logon window for the VPN is displayed, enter your ANL domain username as you normally would:

  2. BUT INSTEAD OF YOUR ANL DOMAIN PASSWORD,you will now enter your assigned pin+crypto card 8-character combination in the password field.
  3. To do so: ENTER YOUR 4-DIGIT PIN FIRST(with no spaces), then press the button on your crypto card to see the 8 characters on the crypto card display.
  4. Type the characters into the password fieldafter the PINyou just entered without any leading or trailing spaces.
  5. Click OK or Connect.
  6. Agree to the Connection Warning Banner and proceed as normal.

You should now be connected to the VPN.

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